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    It was the second trip to the local Food Lion for me and I noticed them again; sitting in the shade of a tree. The temp has been in the upper 90’s if not at 100 here in Myrtle Beach. They had been sitting there all day and I could tell one was in a wheel chair.
    I went in the grocery and got my things, but also two cold bottled waters.
    I returned to my truck and made my way across the parking lot to them. She was in the wheel chair; an amputee and he lay on the ground under the tree. Both were elderly, obviously homeless. Her name is Pam and his is BobbyJoe. I guess I startled them a bit when I pulled up, but they appreciated the water because it was cold.
    I retrieved from the truck a box full of rosaries and it’s prayer instructions. BobbyJoe wanted a blue one and Pam wanted a pink one. I offered to pray with them but they declined. I told them that I will pray for them on my own.
    The beach and the resorts can be a beautiful place to relax and recharge in the warm months of the year, but remember there are those who suffer in the locations that fulfill our ideas of paradise.
    Please pray for them with me for their wellbeing.

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