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    Our Gaithersburg team had a fabulous afternoon evangelizing today and afterwards I stopped at the Dollar Store to pick up some item. When the cashier rang me up I asked how she was doing today. She just moaned and gave me “that look.” She went on to explain that she had a huge blister on her heel, was in immense pain and would have to wake up early in the morning to drive to Buffalo, NY. I asked, “Would you like to pray?” At this, she exclaimed: “I have a woman of prayer here! Yes, I would like to pray, just give me a minute to help the others behind you.” I turned to the guy behind me in line and asked, “Are you a man of prayer?” He quietly nodded and said, “Yes.” “Great,” I responded, we can pray for her together. When our cashier was ready, she asked another cashier to relieve her and we stepped into an aisle a few feet away. She was enthused and said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name there am I in the midst of them.” We gathered and held hands. I offered a little prayer: “Lord, Jesus, I thank you for Michelle. We know you are Our Creator and the Divine Physician. You have the power to heal her. We ask you to do this so that when she wakes up tomorrow morning, she is healed.” I said a few more things and closed the prayer. They said “Amen.” They were very touched and we all embraced and shook hands. I told her I had something for her in the car so I ran and got a Miraculous Medal and card for her and gave one to Eldridge as well later on in the parking lot. (Shame on me for not having the medals in my pocket to begin with!) I have a photo but not sure how to add it!

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    Great witness.

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